About Us

GeoWireless, Inc.

Founded in 2003, GeoWireless, Inc. has pioneered networking, disaster recovery, and business continuity in a world without wires. Our approach to Cyber resilience provides high-performance computing with world-class defense-in-depth solutions. We support operational and research and development networks alike, providing a deep understanding of network architectures and topologies while addressing security needs to ensure privacy in networks.

Our clients include the nation’s most valuable computational assets and operational support for military resilience in support of the next-generation warfighter. We provide systems integration and support for operational networks for Naval R&D requirements as well as military health. We leverage our expertise to provide solutions that are forward-thinking, addressing new technologies as part of our solutions.

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These solutions include advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence, and also include computational improvements with software-defined networking and research into Quantum Computing. We provide operational and maintenance support for R&D networks, providing support to service delivery points (SDP’s), network provisioning, development of concept of operations, development of business continuity planning, engineering support, and test and evaluation. Our security teams provide a transition to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) platform while ensuring legacy systems maintain their integrity and usefulness. We provide assessment support to ensure locations are prepared for such transition.

Our team of professional engineers will assist your organization in providing reliable, secure communications while building integrity in advanced solutions for your communication needs.